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When is Blockchain the Right Solution?

More on ALT Seattle Conference: Ken was asked, "When is Blockchain the right solution?" To which Ken gave a cryptocurrency answer, which is a great answer given that this was a conference for finance people on alternative investments.

Just to give a backgrounder on this: people use the term "blockchain" to mean the technology of blockchain in which cryptocurrency is just one use case. (The fact of the matter is that blockchain was invented to solve the problems with fiat money.) For many intellectuals, the term "blockchain" is distinct and separate from cryptocurrency; blockchain is a technology on its own quite apart from its cryptocurrency use case. The term carries with it an undercurrent of condescension to people in the cryptocurrency world: it allows intellectuals who have pure academic motives to talk about the technology while being removed from the worldly affairs of money.

Ken's answer starts at about 6:10.


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