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ROKS A Solana Stablecoin for Remittance

ROKS is designed to circulate among everyday people, for daily use.

Company NMLS ID: 2249307

Company Name: Rock Stable Token Inc

License Name: Washington Money Transmitter (includes Currency Exchange)

License Status: Pending

License Status Date: 12/30/2021


What is Roks

ROKS is a stablecoin, a class of cryptocurrencies whose exchange rate is fixed with respect to an established, well-managed fiat currency. designed to circulate among everyday people, for daily use.


Stablecoins are the future of money

Stablecoins have so far permeated crypto exchanges (both centralized and decentralized exchanges). USDT, the first successful stablecoin, was born and raised in exchanges, used mostly by traders. ROKS is designed to circulate among everyday people, for daily use.

End-to-end Test of ROKS Remittance


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Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Our team successfully completed the first RockStable remittance transaction in history. ROKs, our StableCoin, was used in sending the dollar funds from the United States and a corresponding amount was received by one of our colleagues George in the Philippines (please see photos). George is in charge of our social media channels including Facebook, Linkedin, Telegram, Twitter and Reddit. He now makes history as the first person to receive real ROKS in a start-to-finish transaction.

The funds were received through Palawan Express Padala. They have over 3,000 branches located in every province in the country.

This is truly a significant milestone for the company ! It demonstrates that the system works. The next step is to move from a testing environment to working with everyday customers.

Onwards RockStable !

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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Your recipient in the destination country has to install a wallet that can work with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Assuming that your recipient has a smartphone, he/she has three choices:

Installing any of these wallets is straightforward, but making the wallet chosen to recognize ROKS may not be simple. In the case of Mathwallet, the recipient has to choose the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) during setup, and then tap "Add Assets". In the "Add Assets" screen, tap the search box. The search box appears. Tap the search area and type "ROKS". ROKS should then appear as the single entry in the search result. Tap the "+" button to the left of ROKS to select it. Now the Mathwallet is ready to receive ROKS tokens.

The recipient has to send the CryptoAddress generated by Mathwallet to the sender (who is in the source country). First, to display the CryptoAddress in Mathwallet, while in the main screen, select ROKS under "Token". In the ROKS screen, tap the "Receive" button. In the "Wallet Address" screen, the cryptic address appears; to copy this address simply tap "Copy the Address". Finally, paste this address in a chat in Messenger (or some other app, like Facebook private message) to send to the sender.

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